Road Map for Spokane Valley

1. The first responsibility of City Council is the safety of the citizens it represents.  Right now, that responsibility is not being met.  Our police force is not meeting contractual requirements. A review of the contract with is necessary.  Question: Is the City now at a point where relying on the Sheriff gets us where we need to be with law enforcement?

It is inappropriate and improper for the chief law enforcement officer of the county to refer to his constituents as “domestic terrorists.”  Nor is it proper to describe the Valley population and its leaders as “racists.”  Both accusations are unfounded, yet those terms are used when describing Valley residents.

There well may be terrorist groups in the area; it is after all a free country.  Such groups as the Indivisible Progressives, a Soros sponsored group, whose stated mission was to unseat President Trump has attracted many who purport to be ‘conservative.’  Their goal is power at any cost, and that goal is counter to the prosperity of the City.  Rather they are set for control, personal aggrandizement and climbing to higher office. 

2. The second Council responsibility is to ensure effective transportation--the ability for traffic to freely move in the Valley which is critically imperative for business and our way of life.  The industrial nature of the Valley and the lack of a central downtown area requires unfettered movement between the various areas that unite the City.  The rail crossings at Pines, Sullivan, and eventually Park must be completed to ensure the City’s connectivity.  Too, the north side of the City will flourish without the noise, congestion, and safety issues created by the already numerous and growing number of trains moving through.

Attention to the maintenance and preservation of our roads is vital.  To sustain that goal, a consistent, dependable source of dedicated revenue is required.  Such a program must have the buy-in and approval of citizens.  A plan is currently being considered. 

3. The last City administration cultivated a relationship with its City Staff that was a cooperative one.  Council served, as it is supposed to do, as the legislative branch, setting direction and policy.  That concept was new to the City.  Prior to that, Council was primarily a ‘rubber stamp’, following, not leading.  Under the current administration, Council has returned to the rubber stamp mode.  That situation must be addressed and corrected.  That can only be accomplished by re-establishing a true Conservative majority.