My four years as Mayor (2016-2019) provided a foundation for Spokane Valley becoming the business-friendly city that has attracted enough new businesses to more than double the size of our industrial park. An Amazon distribution center, the latest addition, will be online to open later this year bringing 1,000 additional jobs. This responsive environment was made possible by ordinances such as our Planned Action Ordinance which, along with others, reduces permitting red-tape.

Gathering the funding and starting construction on the Barker Road/BNSF rail crossing launched a major step in building the rail crossings necessary to unite the City separated by the rail systems bisecting it.

Spokane Valley is proud of its enviable financial condition. In my term we ran a “tight ship.” Our staffing is lean at 98 employees for a city of 100,000+ citizens. We’re a ‘Contract City’ which means that we contract for most of the services we provide instead of internally staffing them giving us better control of our finances.

There is more to be done to continue making Spokane Valley the greatest place to live in Washington, and I want to lead the way in making it happen.

We’ve got to eliminate the rail crossings at Pines and Park that divide our city and update the overpass at Sullivan to accommodate the traffic flowing from the improved Bigelow Gulch route. These improvements will provide an even better place to do business. Then we must follow through with our efforts to maintain our great roads and relaxed style of living. This is an election year in Spokane Valley, and I’ve begun my campaign for re-election. I want to continue to serve you, but I need your assistance. You were kind enough to support me in my last campaign, so I’m reaching out to ask for your assistance once again. I am asking one more time for your vote.

Contribution limits are $1,000 for the primary and $1,000 for the general elections. But know that I am grateful for any amount you care to give including your prayers.

Image of Rod Declaration of Independence